Bankruptcy files reveal the Weinstein Company owes Malia Obama money after her internship

Bankruptcy files reveal the Weinstein Company owes Malia Obama money after her internship

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Getting fair wages for an internship can be difficult. Whether you’re interning “for school credit” or “for experience,” many work places just don’t pay their interns. 

If you interned for the Weinstein Company, and were promised money, well, good luck. 

The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy on Monday night, and files obtained by Deadline include an extensive 394-page list of people, organizations, and firms that still haven’t been paid. Malia Obama’s name shows up among the A-list celebrities and production companies included in the document. The contact information listed under her name is for the Weinstein Company’s New York office, where the First Daughter interned before starting her freshman year at Harvard. 

Malia worked for the production company only months before the New York Times published the article alleging that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted dozens of women during his career as a powerful Hollywood producer. Although the bankruptcy files don’t disclose details such as how much money Malia is owed or what the money is owed for, it’s likely that Malia still hasn’t been paid the full wages for her internship, which ended in 2017. 

The bankruptcy files also name Robert De Niro, David Bowie, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Bay, Daniel Radcliffe, Seth Rogen, and Heidi Klum. According to USA Today, the highest debt is to a creditor listed as Sartraco Inc. at $17.4 million. 

Barack and Michelle Obama made a joint statement after the allegations against Weinstein, who was a major Democratic donor, came to light. In the condemnation, they called for Americans to “build a culture … by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect.”

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