BlackBerry just sued Facebook for patent infringement

BlackBerry just sued Facebook for patent infringement

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BlackBerry is suing Facebook for patent violation.

The Canadian tech company &mdash admired by Kim Kardashian and when the most cherished texting device available &mdash has accused Facebook of incorrectly having its “mobile messaging intelligence” in social apps including WhatsApp and Instagram.&nbsp

Why now? Based on BlackBerry, the organization attempted to utilize the social networking for a long time. BlackBerry has become seeking damages from Facebook because of its lost profits.&nbsp

BlackBerry, founded later, taken in $1.7 billion in revenue in 2017. Facebook, founded in 2004, surpassed $40 billion in revenue this past year. In situation you have not been checking up on BlackBerry like a company, it’s bet its way forward for self-driving and connected car technology. This past year, it partnered with Qualcomm with that technology, also it’s dealing with Chinese tech giant Baidu to build up more. BlackBerry also still creates new phones, such as the BlackBerry Motion. Meanwhile, Facebook is constantly on the run the earth’s largest social systems and it has attempted to no longer destroy democracy.&nbsp

A BlackBerry spokesperson authored within an email to Mashable:

“There exists a large amount of respect for Facebook and also the value they&rsquove put on messaging abilities, most of which came to be by BlackBerry. Like a cybersecurity and embedded software leader, BlackBerry&rsquos view is the fact that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp might make great partners within our drive toward a safely connected future, so we still hold this door available to them. However, there exists a strong declare that Facebook has infringed on the ip, after numerous years of dialogue, we have a duty to the shareholders to pursue appropriate legal remedies.”

The suit, first reported by Reuters, was filed within the Central District of California court. &nbsp

The particular patents include:

  1. Security improvement

  2. Interface enhancements

  3. Mixing mobile gaming and mobiel messaging

  4. Battery efficient status updates for cellular devices

Among individuals claims range from the notification for unread messages.&nbsp

The suit begins by summarizing and categorizing Blackberry like a “leading innovator in the area of mobile communications within the last 3 decades, getting invested substantial sums into development and research of communications technologies.”

The choice for BlackBerry to determine to file a lawsuit so late in to the dominance of Facebook and it is network of apps was, uh, surprising.

Here’s the suit entirely:

UPDATE: March 6, 2018, 2:12 p.m. EST Facebook sent Mashable the next statement due to the business’s deputy general counsel Paul Grewal:

&ldquoBlackberry&rsquos suit sadly reflects the present condition of their messaging business. Getting abandoned its efforts to innovate, Blackberry has become searching to tax the innovation of others. We plan to fight.”

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