Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Facebook is trying to make ‘Relationship Statuses’ a thing again

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Facebook is trying to make ‘Relationship Statuses’ a thing again

Facebook wants all of us to have the love that will inevitably result in feeling the discomfort.
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10 years ago, pressure my fellow teens and that i felt to create a budding relationship “Facebook Official” was real. However with less teenagers than ever before using Facebook (in favor of Snapchat), with us now-twenty-somethings living our way of life on Instagram, the strain-inducing relationship status feature is becoming blissfully irrelevant.

Now, Facebook may be attempting to reverse that trend &mdash&nbspusing Valentine’s since it’s weapon.

On Tuesday, Facebook rolled out new features in Messenger that provide significant others special statuses with one another.&nbsp

Messaging convos among recently-declared ~enthusiasts~ will open having a “shower of hearts,” as Facebook describes it. The simple-access emoji for those BF/GFs is a heart eye emoji. Couples is going to be motivated to personalize chat features like colors and nicknames. As well as your partner will be Numero 1 inside your Facebook Messenger “Active” tab. Just like you were not already keeping tabs (heh) in it already.

How do you unlock these functions? By coming back towards the actual Facebook application, and letting Facebook back to your ex existence by letting them know that you are “Inside A Relationship.” Noooooooooooo.

While nothing can compare to Valentine’s to actually get the cynical side thrilled, you will naturally read these functions like a ploy to obtain Messenger users back on Facebook by re-elevating the significance of the “Relationship Status.”

It is a well-known trend that Facebook use amongst younger users has declined. But Facebook found in its own study that 67 percent of individuals are growing their utilization of messaging apps, including Messenger. By January 2017, 50 % people teens used Messenger daily, and 91 percent of teens on Facebook are participating in Messenger every single day.

Facebook has certainly taken note of youthful peoples’ passion for messaging. It has been continuously increasing investments in messaging, both with the introduction of &nbspSnapchat-like features in Messenger, and thru its possession of WhatsApp.

But we can not forget the Facebook platform is where users see ads &mdash where Facebook makes a ton of money. The Messenger and Facebook apps are de-coupled. Therefore if Facebook really wants to keep its primary application cash cow alive, it’ll need to eventually bring youthful users to Facebook, and not simply bank around the recognition of Messenger.

That is in which the “Relationship Status” is available in. In senior high school, I recall consistently refreshing my Facebook page to find out if the boy I had been inside a ~factor~ with had sent me an “Inside A Relationship” request. The necessity to openly report that I had been preferred, coupled, was an origin of anxiety and longing after i did not get it &mdash and burning adolescent pride after i did.&nbsp

Because the first generation of teenybopper Facebook users increased up, we found that the challenges from the relationship status outweighed the smugness and perks it provided. It had been heart-wrenching once the person you’d lately damaged track of also made your split up “Facebook official” &mdash like splitting up once again. Plus, it had been public. During the last decade, we learned through hard-earned experience that several things would be best stored from our News Feeds. The pride we once required within the retrospectively embarrassing “It’s Complicated” status reduced because the untidy realities of dating sunk in.

It required my current partner of nearly 5 years and me ten several weeks to get formally, BF-GF exclusive. At no reason at first did we have ever declare it had become “complicated” &mdash although it was &mdash to Facebook. Nor are we ever requested to become “Inside A Relationship” online, though we’re, IRL. It’s never even been a discussion, in stark contrast towards the angst I recall feeling after i would ask my senior high school love over and over why we could not move from “It’s Complicated” to “Inside A Relationship.” A scan of my coupled friends’ pages implies that they have spurned the connection Status, too. And several essays and surveys make sure the general public discomfort, embarrassment, clumsiness, and performativeness from the status makes 20-somethings largely abandon the feature.

But generation x has not learned these training. They have also proven that filters and emoji and especially status hold power &mdash just take a look at Snapchat’s drama-filled “streak” culture for proof that the public promise of closeness can result in obsession (which Facebook can also be reportedly trying to hone in on).&nbsp

No social networking company invented the centrality that romance plays within the lives of teenagers and youthful adults &mdash it simply capitalized onto it. Linking the turbulent feelings surrounding first like to a social networking symbol of status was the way i got totally hooked on Facebook in 2005. Now, can it be an ideal method of getting teens to make use of Facebook again?&nbsp

Sure, the brand new Messenger “couples features” might just be an enjoyable Valentine’s stunt. But on the other hand, all Facebook should lead youthful users to this selection (and also the primary application) is really a gateway drug updated for 2018 &mdash which comes by means of perks, only provided to individuals in couples, with the teen-friendly Messenger application.

The “Relationship Status” amplified the worst reasons for relationships: heartbreak, and the requirement for rapport from status, and never from love. Especially around Valentine’s, once the pressure to couple is more than ever, we certainly don’t need it back.&nbsp

So Facebook, back away, and let’s eat our chocolate in peace.

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