An 87-year-old is taking over Instagram with her Microsoft Paint creations

Concha García Zaera, an 87-year-old grandmother from Valencia, Spain, has become an overnight Instagram sensation.

Her account @conchagzaera – which at the time of writing boasts more than 90,000 followers – features her incredibly detailed artwork, all created using…wait for it: Microsoft Paint.

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In an interview with Radio Valencia, Zaera says she used to take art classes in oil painting, but could not practice at home due to the strong smell of the paints. When her children gave her a computer, she discovered Microsoft Paint.

As UltimaHora reports, Zaera told the station that she gets most of her inspiration from postcards and landscapes. She does all of her work on Windows 7 and with a mouse. 

Per Vanguardia, Zaera used to post her artwork on Facebook, until one of her granddaughters suggested that she start using Instagram instead. On March 9, she had more than 300 followers. But then, Twitter user @femilimon shared a screenshot of her account.

The tweet went viral, and within the last week, Zaera’s follower count has soared from 361 to more than 90,000.

And rightfully so, because her computer-generated paintings are absolutely amazing.

She told Vanguardia that it takes at least two weeks to do each one and focuses intensely on the details. 

Still, Zaera is still unsure how her account got so popular.

No entiendo muy bien por qué os llaman tanta atención mis dibujos. Yo creo que son cosas muy sencillas [I do not understand very well why my drawings draw so much attention, I think they are very simple things],” she told Vanguardia. 

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March For Our Lives drew 800,000 protesters — more than a certain someone’s inauguration

Image: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Facts don’t lie. That’s as true now as it was at Donald Trump’s January 2017 inauguration.

The estimated turnout at the March For Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C. falls at around 800,000. That data point comes from official connected to the demonstration’s organizers, speaking to NBC.

It’s also a significantly higher number than earlier forecasts had predicted.

Not to take the focus of the day away from what’s important — gun control, and sending a message to politicians who accept NRA dollars — but it’s worth noting: The estimated D.C. turnout for March For Our Lives is a great deal larger than popular estimates of the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration.

Days after the inauguration, an expert in crowd science compared photos of Trump’s with Barack Obama’s and deduced that the former attracted roughly one-third the crowd of the latter. It’s hard to be exact when dealing with such massive numbers of people, but with Obama’s estimated inauguration attendance 1.8 million, Trump’s total falls somewhere in the realm of 600,000.

We point this out only because Trump infamously made such a big deal out of his inauguration crowd. He sent his then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer out to proclaim that Trump’s crowd “was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period.”

Despite the fact that Spicer’s statement was provably false, Trump has never backtracked the claim or publicly backed off his contention. 

March For Our Lives isn’t the first demonstration to draw a larger crowd than Trump’s inauguration — that distinction inarguably goes to the Women’s March on Washington, staged one day after the new president was sworn in. But it is the latest, and it should warm your heart to know how much Americans care about putting a stop to gun violence.

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People are imagining what their tombstone would look like if it featured their last text

You can’t get a much better epitaph than Spike Milligan’s “I told you I was ill,” but some of these entries come pretty close.

Twitter user Dan McDaid posed an interesting hypothetical scenario on Friday, and invited people to participate.

The results were glorious.

More solemn words were never spoken.

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Bankruptcy files reveal the Weinstein Company owes Malia Obama money after her internship

Image: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/Robert Kamau/GC Images

Getting fair wages for an internship can be difficult. Whether you’re interning “for school credit” or “for experience,” many work places just don’t pay their interns. 

If you interned for the Weinstein Company, and were promised money, well, good luck. 

The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy on Monday night, and files obtained by Deadline include an extensive 394-page list of people, organizations, and firms that still haven’t been paid. Malia Obama’s name shows up among the A-list celebrities and production companies included in the document. The contact information listed under her name is for the Weinstein Company’s New York office, where the First Daughter interned before starting her freshman year at Harvard. 

Malia worked for the production company only months before the New York Times published the article alleging that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted dozens of women during his career as a powerful Hollywood producer. Although the bankruptcy files don’t disclose details such as how much money Malia is owed or what the money is owed for, it’s likely that Malia still hasn’t been paid the full wages for her internship, which ended in 2017. 

The bankruptcy files also name Robert De Niro, David Bowie, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Bay, Daniel Radcliffe, Seth Rogen, and Heidi Klum. According to USA Today, the highest debt is to a creditor listed as Sartraco Inc. at $17.4 million. 

Barack and Michelle Obama made a joint statement after the allegations against Weinstein, who was a major Democratic donor, came to light. In the condemnation, they called for Americans to “build a culture … by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect.”

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YouPorn used AI to predict future porn searches and the results are hilariously weird

Image: Youporn

Using artificial intelligence to create new content is all the rage, and now YouPorn has gotten in on the act with an experiment that’s produced some truly weird results.

Neural networks are hot stuff these days having been used for fun things like writing bad Christmas carols and horror stories. Now YouPorn has trained one to predict what online porn’s hottest trends will be in the months to come, based on current search trends. 

Prepare yourself: The results are, ahem, interesting and very NSFW, to say the least. You can check out the entire list, based on the work of the neural network and “data science and machine learning teams,” below.

Topping the list is “T’Challa & Shuri” which is: 1) not a surprise, given Black Panther’s popularity and the popularity of parody porn and 2) a new superhero twist on the disturbing incest trend. 

Also high on the list? “Virtue and Moir.” Which, I mean, yeah. Of course. 

From there, the results get no less bizarre as they start to verge on the downright undefinable,  because, well, bots. Some of the more interesting trends to come — and what I think they might be — are:

  • Girl Time Flanty: This sounds like a much more wholesome movie from the 1920s.

  • Lesbian Masturbinge: A new Netflix-esque twist on an old category.

  • Doot Sex: Best guess is this has something to do with a saxophone?

  • Pussy Firking: Nope.

  • Tang Pong: A new sub-genre involving either ping pong, the orange drink Tang, or both.

  • Orgysty: Sounds like a new metal band.

  • Big Blomjob: Someone was overthinking a porn parody of the Big Bang Theory?

Perhaps the most succinct future trend is the final entry on the list, simply titled, “Wow.”

Onward, then, into the future, a future that includes so many new frontiers for online porn, including
“Cornal” and “Batish My Yisel.”

What a time to be alive. 

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A brief history of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

The late physicists editor, Peter Guzzardi, recalls his first meetings with Hawking and how his book became a bestseller

I first encountered Stephen Hawking on the cover of the New York Times magazine. Inside, its pages told a story we all know today, but at the time it was a revelation: a Cambridge astrophysicist sought to solve the great mysteries of the universe, while he himself was trapped in a wheelchair by a progressive neurogenerative disease. I remember being struck by writer Timothy Ferriss description of Professors Hawkings shoes, their soles pristine, having never touched the ground. I tucked the article in my knapsack, and a few days later I finished reading it on my way to lunch with a literary agent.

In one of those remarkable moments of serendipity, during lunch I mentioned the article to agent Al Zuckerman, who told me he was already trying to reach Professor Hawking to see if he might be interested in writing a popular book. Some months later I received a submission from Al a short manuscript and an invitation to participate in an auction for the publishing rights to A Brief History of Time.

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‘It’s historical sexism’ the fight to end stuntmen doubling for women

A lawsuit aims to stop the practice of wigging which sees men in the stunt industry donning womens clothing and wigs

‘It’s historical sexism’ the fight to end stuntmen doubling for women

A lawsuit aims to stop the practice of wigging which sees men in the stunt industry donning womens clothing and wigs

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This woman printed her neuroscience thesis on a scarf and it’s brilliant

Scarves: the ultimate medium for scientific endeavour.
Image: Shutterstock / Thiti Sukapan

Does this count as plagiarism?

Writing a thesis can certainly be a grind, and one student decided to celebrate finishing it in style.

The thesis itself is on neuroscience, and you can read the intro to it on Grace’s blog.

Apparently she took inspiration from another Twitter user who showcased a similar scarf back in 2016.

Sadly the scarf’s 30,000 word limit meant Grace had to cherry-pick.

What, no graphs?? This is an outrage! Still, text is better than nothing.

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Hes 12 and hes just discovered internet porn

Protective software isn’t the solution, states Annalisa Barbieri. Advisable to possess a discussion with him rather

Should my pal block her 12-year-old sons use of pornography?

Protective software isn’t the solution, states Annalisa Barbieri. Advisable to possess a discussion with him rather

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2018 can be the year for more Latinx representation

Image: mashable/getty images

American entertainment continues to be affected by too little representation. While everything has improved, the Latinx population remains very hidden.&nbsp

Latinx would be the U.S.’ second largest racial group with 18 percent of people. Yet, we simply constitute around 8 percent (only a 5 % increase from 2016) of media representation. As people, citizens, movie goers, and television watchers, we deserve a bigger be part of the popular culture that people help shape.

There’s been progress, certainly, but you need to realize there’s still a lengthy approach to take before Latinx along with other minority groups might have the representation they deserve. And it is worth fighting for.

Because the 1950s, Latinx barely made 3 percent of leading roles in film and tv and only 5.8 percent of speaking roles.&nbsp

Lately, actress Gina Rodriguez addressed the issue in the 24th annual SAG Awards red carpet. She was vocal on which changes ought to be produced in Hollywood.&nbsp

“We all do make 55 million plus of the nation. No problem, you are able to throw us inside a movie or more. It might seem sensible,” stated Rodriguez to E! Red Carpet. “We all do purchase one in each and every four tickets each and every weekend and make certain that the movies prosper.”

And she’s not laying. Based on Theatrical Market Statistics Report, 20 % of moviegoers in 2016 were Hispanic. A larger number of every other minority group.

Yet regardless of the overgrowing consumer market, not just is Latinx not symbolized, they also aren’t being renowned for their work.&nbsp

For instance, the only real time a Latinx American won a Emmy for any leading role was America Ferrera for Outstanding Lead Actress inside a Comedy Series for Ugly Gloria in 2007. There has been other Latinx performers which have won for smaller sized roles, but Ferrera remains the only person to possess won for the reason that category.&nbsp

Image: WireImage/getty images

But, the possible lack of awards does not only have to do with television. Just one Latino has ever won an Academy Award for the best Actor inside a leading role: Jos&eacute Ferrer for Cyrano de Bergerac. A lady hasn’t won Best Actress inside a leading role, but two times like a supporting role 53 years apart (Rita Morena in 1961 and Lupita Nyong’o in 2014).

When the figures aren’t disappointing enough, within the last 20 years, only three Latinx have won an Academy Award. The final time an actress was nominated is at 2012.&nbsp

You will find less representation behind the curtain. Based on The Latino Media Gap study, between 2010 to 2013, only one percent of producers, 2 percent of authors and 4 % of company directors on tv are Latinx. On film, there’s 2 percent of company directors and producers and 6 % of authors.&nbsp

Overall, there has not been an increase within the last 5 years of POC company directors. Latinx, African Americans, Asians, along with other minority categories of company directors altogether make 12.7 % in film and 16.8 percent on cable.

The possible lack of speaking roles is disheartening, particularly when the majority of individuals roles contain Latinx stereotypes like crooks, maids, or sexualized figures. But, the possible lack of authors, company directors, and producers allow it to be even tougher for different tales and figures to appear.&nbsp

Jennifer Lopez and Rob Fiennes in ‘Maid in Manhattan.’

Image: tom kingston/WireImage/getty images

Around the vibrant side there’s been a little breakthrough of prominent roles on television and movie. Diego Luna and Oscar Isaac have grown to be big names within the The Exorcist franchise, while director Alejandro Gonz&aacutelez I&ntilde&aacuterritu made headlines with The Revenant in 2015.&nbsp

We are pushing forward with Academy Award nominees like Coco and Form of Water. In 2018 alone, you will find 11 films making their debut with strong roles for Latinx actors. And Television shows like Jane The Virgin, Queen from the South, and Eventually At Any Given Time continue to be going strong with season renewals.&nbsp

Eventually At Any Given Time restored for second season.

Image: giphy

There are vocal trailblazers utilizing their platform to produce projects telling Latinx tales.&nbsp

Gina Rodriguez not just stars in Jane The Virgin, but finished directing her first episode. She’s also focusing on developing two television shows that portray positive Latinx tales. &nbsp

Ozzie Areu, former President of Terry Perry Studios, is beginning their own film and tv studios together with his brother known as the Areu Bros. Based on the Hollywood Reporter, they’ll be the very first U.S.-based studio operated by Latinos. While Sof&iacutea Vergara remains the highest-paid television actress on the planet. &nbsp

Trailblazers also live online. Based on Latino Media Gap report, 18 percent from the greatest YouTube subscribers are Latinx. More youthful generations are searching online to locate individuals they are able to connect with. &nbsp

Bethany Mota is among the greatest Youtuber with more than ten million subscribers.

Image: giphy

&nbspSo, so what can the press fare better?&nbsp

They could dismantle the stereotypes put upon the Latinx community. Its not all Latinx must be criminal, drug lord, or even the loud, blunt friend.&nbsp

Additionally, there are a level bigger issue of white-colored washing in Hollywood. From Scarface (by which Al Pacino darken his skin to appear Cuban) to Ghost In Shell (casting Scarlett Johansson to experience a Japanese lady), the whitewashing blends using the colorism issue inside the Latinx community.&nbsp

To illustrate the Afro-Latina Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone controversy or even the microagressive remarks artist Amara La Negra faced from the producer about not fitting the “Latina look” for Hollywood.&nbsp

The city is definitely an even bigger spectrum compared to colour of someone’s skin. There’s still too little LGBTQ representation (with simply 9 % is Latinx, when compared with 62 percent white-colored, based on GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV) in broadcast, cable and streaming systems.&nbsp

To be able to solve this problem, it starts by hiring and recruiting individuals of backgrounds to possess a seat while dining. It starts with beginning a discussion with Latinx community of shades, sexualities and religions.&nbsp

It isn’t enough to wish diversity. It must be recognized within an inclusive atmosphere. The Latino Media Gap broke lower the numerous excuses and obstacles for making mtss is a reality.&nbsp

“While advocacy and consumer power haven’t up to now challenged media structures in general, they’ve performed a significant role in challenging stereotypes and expanding chance for Latinos,” the study states. “If the power is organized and mobilized in a greater rate than at the moment, it might become a much greater pressure in shaping the present media landscape.”&nbsp

We are moving gradually into inclusion, there is however still a lengthy approach to take until all Latinx voices are presented within the forefront from the media industry.&nbsp

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